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Jacqueline Lewis Bowker-Oil

Jacqueline Lewis Bowker Oil, b.1946

John Lamont Brodie-Oil

John Lamont Brodie Oil, Fl. 1848 to 1881

Dorothy Colles-Oil

Dorothy Colles Oil, 1917-2003

Peter Donnithorne-Oil

Peter Donnithorne Oil, b. 1933

J.J. Enwright-Oil

J.J. Enwright Oil, 1911 to 2001

Pablo Fornes-Oil

Pablo Fornes Oil, b. 1932

George L Harrison-Oil

George L Harrison Oil, fl.1878-1904

Stefan Knapp-Oil

Stefan Knapp Oil, 1921 to 1996

Jean Lombard-Oil

Jean Lombard Oil, 1895 - 1983

Morris Meredith Williams-Oil

Morris Meredith Williams Oil, 1881 - 1973

James Peel-Oil

James Peel Oil, 1811 - 1906

James Peel-Oil

James Peel Oil, 1811 - 1906

Alfred Walter Williams-Oil

Alfred Walter Williams Oil, 1824 to 1905

Vasilis Zenetzis-Oil

Vasilis Zenetzis Oil, b.1935